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Artist Spotlight

The Best of Superchunk

by Dan Weiss

The Best of Superchunk

About this playlist

How many indie bands have been around for more than two decades, saving some of their finest work for the later years of their career? Or, if you prefer, how many indie bands start their own label that goes on to release an Album of the Year Grammy winner (Arcade Fire's [The Suburbs])? No band in alternative rock has had the astoundingly singular career of Superchunk, who have also garnered years of love for sturdy, nonlinear punk pop tunes that have influenced groups as disparate as Archers of Loaf and The Get Up Kids. They've got wild anthems galore ("Slack Motherf*cker," "For Tension," the bracing "Precision Auto" and the hooky "Hyper Enough") but also a blessed melodic side ("Fractures in Plaster," "Driveway to Driveway," the synthed-up "Watery Hands" and the twanged-out "Phone Sex").

Most recently, they released arguably their best album ever, I Hate Music, following 2010's almost equally excellent Majesty Shredding. "Me & You & Jackie Mittoo" and "FOH" add indisputable new classics to their oeuvre, while "Staying Home" and "Rope Light" are now two of the fastest tracks in a collection that's mostly hard and punky. So here, delight in two hours of a band that never dipped in quality, to say nothing of their famously down-to-earth business accomplishments.

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