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The 100 Best Muddy Waters Covers

by Jim Allen

The 100 Best Muddy Waters Covers


About this playlist

What better way to start a centenary celebration of Muddy Waters, who was born on April 4, 1915, than to gather together 100 of the biggest and best covers of his classic tunes? As the man whose name is synonymous with Chicago blues, Muddy is just about the most influential American artist of the 20th century. Not only would the blues as we know it today sound completely different if not for the electrified stomp of the man born McKinley Morganfield, rock 'n' roll might not exist at all, considering Muddy's status as a primary influence on everyone from The Rolling Stones to The Allman Brothers Band. The Chicago blues king's passing in 1983 did not diminish his impact on other musicians. As you're about to find out, a hell of a lot of people have paid homage to Muddy over the years. From Aerosmith to Joan Osborne, Motörhead to Eric Clapton, here are 100 ways to say happy birthday to a blues legend.

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