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Tango: The Dance of Desire

by Rachel Devitt

Tango: The Dance of Desire

About this playlist

The torrid push and pull of melody against rhythm. Syncopated beats that build and release almost beyond the breaking point. Languid, smoky vocals. And the accordion -- oh, the gasping breaths and moans that sensual little squeezebox is capable of. OK, not every tango is so hot and bothered, but it's hard not to hear seduction, longing, desire in just about every strain of Argentina's classic musical-dance form -- even without the visual aid of dancers expertly twisting their bodies around each other in time to it. 

It's that aural pleasure that has attracted so many musicians the world over to tango -- and that passion we're celebrating here with this playlist of some of the world's most aching, amorous tangos from the likes of classic masters like Astor Piazzolla, knob-twiddling revisionists like Gotan Project and Federico Aubele, and even fans from other genres like Shakira and Calle 13. Sink in and let the seduction begin -- but don't blame us if you need a cold shower after this one.

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