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Senior Year

Senior Year, 1991: Too Cool for School - the Britpoppers

by Linda Ryan

Senior Year, 1991: Too Cool for School - the Britpoppers

About this playlist

London truly was swinging back in 1991. With a little help (read: hype) from music weeklies such as NME, Melody Maker and Sounds, new stars were being made at clubs such as Syndrome and Blow Up, while Camden-area pubs such as The Good Mixer overflowed with young Brit-pop stars nightly. It didn't take long before the music and the legendary, drunken stories of those of those who made it made its way to America. And although the release of Nirvana's Nevermind later that year would put a severe dent in Brit pop's popularity, its bright light never faded for the hardcore anglophiles.

You saw them everywhere around school they stood out with their long, fringy haircuts, stripey T's and oversized anoraks (heavily adorned with badges of bands such as the Charlatans, Lush and Suede), but if you really wanted to find Brit-pop lovers and pop kids, you went to the local mom-and-pop record shop. Here, anglophiles could happily engage in the Blur vs. Oasis debate daily. They would tell you Jesus Jones were a bunch of sellouts, but those crusty-loving travelers, Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine, ruled! They loved Primal Scream and the Happy Mondays for embracing Madchester's rave culture while deriding fluffy pop rip-offs such as Soho and Candyflip.

The girls loved their unisex look, and "regular" guys wished they knew as much about music. Wear your union jack with pride, and welcome to high school, circa 1991.