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Senior Year

Senior Year, 1984: Catholic School Dance

by Mike McGuirk

Senior Year, 1984: Catholic School Dance

About this playlist

For folks who were, uh, lucky enough to go to Catholic school, the memories of dances put on by brothers or nuns are undoubtedly cherished. Who can forget the air of tension and forced smiles on the faces of those in charge when were forced to begrudgingly allow members of the opposite sex to come in physical contact with one another? For anyone not blessed with these images, or who was not yet a teenager in 1984, please know that that year was a particularly strong one for power ballads, dance pop and New Wave.

First of all, Thriller came out and took over the world, which means almost every Polo-drenched dude at this dance was wearing some sort of leather-flapped space-captain shirt with epaulets sort of like an intergalactic Captain Crunch. And the lighter-raising anthems from REO Speedwagon, Survivor and Night Ranger are simply unmatched. To be fair, Night Ranger's ode to Catholic girls would have lasted about five seconds before Sister Mary Lou (real person) shut down the whole operation. Forget permitting music by that pervert Prince. So, enjoy the playlist below, and when you're holding your partner during "The Search Is Over," don't forget to leave some space for the Holy Spirit.