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Senior Year

Senior Year, 1968: Shop-Class Thugs Waiting Behind The School To Beat You Up

by Chuck Eddy

Senior Year, 1968: Shop-Class Thugs Waiting Behind The School To Beat You Up


About this playlist

Things ain't what they used to be, and this ain't the Summer of Love. By 1968, the drugs were getting uglier, the draft was still in full swing, bikes were getting badder, and music was growing heavier by the minute.

It wasn't quite metal yet, though that was right around the corner just like Altamont, but acid-rock for sure. And the kids most likely to blast such stuff were also the scariest guys in the whole school, the ones who enjoyed senior year so much they were doing it for the third or fourth time; the ones who maybe didn't talk a whole lot but carried a mean ratchet wrench, and knew how to fix coal-black fuel-injected 283-horsepower-engine '57 Chevies or both of your kneecaps with it. Other popular hobbies: Hertz donuts, Indian rope burns, swirlies, pink bellies, purple nurples, atomic wedgies, royal flushes, creating mouths full of bloody Chicklets. All tactics that necessitate a soundtrack that's not full of flowers and bunnies, so here's a playlist of the darkest, heaviest, most threatening grease-monkey music 1968 had to offer -- proto-metal, post-garage, frat rock, biker boogie, loud psych, even a Spaghetti western film theme and two country hits about going to prison. Which maybe your bullying master of industrial and automotive arts will soon, if you're lucky. And if Vietnam or the Hell's Angels don't get to him first.