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SXSW 2014: Metal Preview

by Chuck Eddy

SXSW 2014: Metal Preview

About this playlist

Metal's presence at SXSW has seemed to accelerate in recent years, though certain metal subsets have accelerated more than others. Of the 32 bands sampled on this playlist, for instance, at least six tend to get tagged as either "experimental" or "atmospheric" or "noise" (which is to say, more hipster/alternative than mere alt metal): The Atlas Moth and Indian, from Chicago; East of the Wall, from New Jersey; The Ocean, from Germany; Sannhet, from Brooklyn; and Vattnet Viskar, from New Hampshire. And, maybe not surprisingly because they don't have to travel so far, six come from Texas: Austin groove-thrashers Dead Earth Politics and Pack of Wolves; Dallas hardcore/thrash brutes Power Trip; Houston prog-sludgers Omotai; and trad/doom/stoner types Mothership, from Dallas, and Venomous Maximus, from Houston.

Grindcore-ish Australians High Tension and King Parrot, Norwegian death-metal band Obliteration, and German deathcorers We Butter the Bread had a lot farther to ride, obviously. By comparison, Brazilian death/thrash/groove bunch Eminence and Venezuelan-born, music-school-trained guitar whiz Felix Martin at least come from the Western Hemisphere.

Also slated to make heads bang: Minnesota metalcorers After the Burial; D.C. instrumental prog-metal contortionists Animals as Leaders; Savannah, Ga., sludge perennials Black Tusk and Kylesa; Olympia, Wash., occult-metal coven Christian Mistress; Kentucky thrashcore punks The Hookers; Virginia hardcore tyros Iron Reagan; Massachusetts Cave-In/Converge spinoff Mutoid Man; Denver sludge-doomers Primitive Man; Brooklyn tech-deathers Pyrrhon; Cleveland thrashcore veterans Ringworm; and Pennsylvania tech-deathers Rivers of Nihil. And finally, perhaps as a chaperone for all these youngsters, there's Spirit Caravan, a Maryland-based side project of ageless doom god Wino Weinrich that hasn't put out an album since 2001. So when it comes to bleeding eardrums, SXSWers have many options to accomplish said objective.

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