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Sunshine on Our Eardrums

by Rachel Devitt

Sunshine on Our Eardrums

About this playlist

It is dark. We are cold. The snow won't stop. The wintry mix shuts down the roads, the schools, our hearts. We huddle around space heaters and dress in layers and maybe even occasionally go home with people just for someone to cuddle with. There is no end in sight. But wait! What's that? That golden, yellowy, round light? Could it be … the sun? Nah, it's just the streetlight kicking on at dusk (formerly known as 3pm). BUT! If you can't have the real thing, you can at least have a bunch of songs about it. That'll keep us warm, right? Right?! Like a sunlamp for your ears, John Denver, The Kinks, Bob Marley, Katrina and the Waves, and more are here to help you fight off that S.A.D. Throw this mix on, crank up the heater and get someone to shine a flashlight right in your eyes. We'll get through this together! (People from Florida and other so-called sunshine states, just maybe don't talk to the rest of us right now, OK?)

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