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What Your Summer Jam Says About You

by Rachel Devitt

What Your Summer Jam Says About You


About this playlist

Summer jams. Everyone's got one. That song that evokes instant images of sun and fun, that makes you smell the barbecue and taste the daiquiri, that just sings summer to you. But what does your summer jam of choice say about you and, more importantly, your summer personality? We've developed this handy-dandy little guide to psychoanalyzing your summer anthem or at least finding the perfect drink to pair with it.

Your Summer Jam: " Summertime" by DJ Jazzy Jeff and the Fresh Prince

You're a classicist. None of these new-fangled, frenetic dance-floor anthems the kids get all sweaty for these days. You prefer your summers lazy, hazy and chill and your summer jams slow, smooth and swaggering.

Your Summer Activities: Barbecuing. Riding down the street in a lawn chair on the bed of a truck. Sitting back and unwinding.

Your Summer Drink: Henny and coke. Spiked Kool-aid.

Your Summer Destination: Philly, or anywhere your family and your crew is.

Your Summer Outfit: Anything really, as long as it involves bright colors and a ball cap shoved rakishly to the side.

Your Summer-Romance M.O. You'll dance with whoever, but when the sun goes down, you're in bed with wifey.

Your Summer Jam: Anything by Katy Perry (" I Kissed a Girl," " California Gurls," " T.G.I.F.," etc.)

There are a few options here: 1. You're a not-so-functioning adult who's pretty certain your best years were in high school. 2. You're a functioning adult who either secretly or shamelessly loves getting in touch with their inner 14-year-old when the temps rise. 3. You are actually 14 years old.

Your Summer Activities: Shopping. Riding around in convertibles with your gurlz. Beach volleyball. Watching Grease. Having 90210 (either incarnation) marathons, then going out and staging your own version. (Note: you're always Kelly. Duh.)

Your Summer Food: Ice-cream cones. Popsicles. Lollipops. Jell-O. Whipped cream. Basically, anything you can lick, slurp or just kind of hold seductively in front of your mouth. (You don't actually eat sugar. Duh.)

Your Summer Drink: Daiquiris.

Your Summer Outfit: Daisy dukes, bikini tops.

Your Summer-Romance M.O. You enjoy long walks on the beach, picking up a summer boyfriend or two, then crushing their souls when fall comes.

Your Summer Jam: " Paper Planes" by M.I.A. (See also: " Young Folks" by Peter Bjorn & John, or pretty much anything by Sleigh Bells or Vampire Weekend.)

You are a hipster. Just admit it.

Your Summer Activities: Riding around town on your fixed-gear bike. Shopping for ironic retro Ray-Bans. Playing kickball. (Or whatever the new retro sport is: shuffleboard, maybe?) Backpacking around a continent where you don't live. Seeing shows. Planking.

Your Summer Drink: PBR. And/or cask ales. And/or crafted vintage cocktails (try an Aviation).

Your Summer Food: Vietnamese sandwiches. Beef jerky. Pie (aka the new cupcakes).

Your Summer Outfit: Skinny shorts. Half-shirts. Tom's. Vintage housewife dresses. Long-sleeved, button-down plaid shirts on days it's too hot for them.

Your Summer Jam: 2Pac's " California Love." (See also: " Hypnotize" by The Notorious B.I.G.)

You fancy yourself an OG, but in reality, you are probably a young hipster (another favorite: Kreayshawn) with a thing for '90s hip-hop culture. That's OK, kid. All musical transgressions are forgiven when they're blasting out your car window in 90-degree heat.

Your Summer Activities: Smoke. Play video games. Ride.

Your Summer Drink: Gin and juice. Smoke.

Your Summer Outfit: Chucks not Ballies. Locs and khaki suits.

Your Summer-Romance M.O. Meet some honeys. Bring them home. Get it on in the living room. Don't call it quits until 6 in the morning.

Your Summer Jam: " Summer of '69" by Bryan Adams. (See also: LFO's " Summer Girls" and possibly Plain White Ts' " Hey There Delilah.")

You're a dude (regardless of gender). (Alternate possibility: You may be a country dude if the See Also's don't apply.)

Your Summer Activities: Playing baseball. Going to baseball games. Watching baseball on TV. Eating hot dogs. Slamming beers. Starting a band with your buds. (And possibly the occasional demolition derby.)

Your Summer Drink: Bud.

Your Summer Outfit: Khaki shorts and a T-shirt. Possibly covered with a short-sleeve button-down for "fancy" occasions.

Your Summer-Romance M.O. You think it's fly when girls stop by for the summer.

Your Summer Jam: " Kick, Push" by Lupe Fiasco. (See also: Most tracks by B.o.B.)

You are the consummate hip-hop gentleman.

Your Summer Activities: You grind all summer long, yo.

Your Summer Drink: Tea. Non-alcoholic beverages.

Your Summer Outfit: Scarves. Retro glasses. Light, tightly tailored blazers over skater T's with obscure logos regular people don't get.

Your Summer Romance M.O. The ladies throw themselves at you and you always respect them in the morning.

Your Summer Jam: Anything by Black Eyed Peas or Lady Gaga. (See also: Ke$ha.)

You are young, free and fabulous. Your summers are reserved for partying, dancing and brushing your teeth with bottles of Jack.

Your Summer Activities: Dancing, dancing and more dancing.

Your Summer Drink: Vodka (possibly flavored) and some kind of energy drink.

Your Summer Outfit: Whatever is currently in fashion. This season, probably something with a '70s-esque neo-boho look or possibly neon. Lots of little dresses. Chic heels when everyone else is wearing sandals. Occasionally, a quasi-robot look.

Your Summer Romance M.O. You are the girl everyone wants to get with. At least, you want to be her.

Your Summer Jam: " Summer Nights'"

Even though you wish you were Rizzo (or at least black-leather Olivia Newton John at the end), you are really as wholesome as Sandra Dee. You have kids, and you'd like to share your love of Grease with them, but you fear it's too racy.

Your Summer Activities: Trips to Disney Land/World. Kiddie pool parties. Mini golf. Seeing summer blockbusters. Getting together with your friends from your college-dorm floor for Grease sing-alongs.

Your Summer Drink: Sunny D.

Your Summer Outfit: Mom shorts and (unironic) fanny packs.

Your Summer-Romance M.O. Married with children.

Your Summer Jam: " Redneck Woman" by Gretchen Wilson

You are a good-old girl (or boy), and proud of it. (You may also be a reformed, citified good-old girl or boy in touch with his or her country roots or a redneck poseur.)

Your Summer Activities: Demo derbies. Tractor pulls. Rodeos. Beer-drinkin'. Fishin' (or at least attending fish fries). County fairs. Possibly a bit of line dancing.

Your Summer Drink: Bud Light. Jim Beam.

Your Summer Outfit: Skin-tight jeans and cowboy boots.

Your Summer-Romance M.O. If you've got a man, you'll spend the summer parked in a lawn chair next to his on your neighbor's porch. If not, you may just be one of the boys, including loving 'em and leaving 'em like them.

Your Summer Jam: " Big Pimpin'" by Jay-Z. (See also: 50 Cent's " P.I.M.P." See also: The Lonely Island's " I'm on a Boat")

You're glamorous. You're flossing. You're on a boat, mother f-er.

Your Summer Activities: Hitting the clubs. Baking things with Martha Stewart. Hanging out on yachts in the Mediterranean. Golfing.

Your Summer Drink: Patron. Cristal. Mojitos.

Your Go-To Summer Outfit: Rocawear.

Your Summer-Romance M.O. Please refer to your summer jam titles for further information.