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Summer Cocktail Series

Summer Cocktail Series, Pt. 2: Rum

by Jason Gubbels

Summer Cocktail Series, Pt. 2: Rum

About this playlist

The second installment of our Summer Cocktail Series takes a look at one of the Caribbean's top exports: rum. Nearly as integral to the culture of the West Indies as sugar cane itself, rum has long been the favored ingredient for a dizzying assortment of cocktails, which means unlike the Jose Cuervo/Patrón celebrations of Napster's earlier tequila installment, our accompanying rum playlist is all about mixed drinks rather than specific producers.

Not that musicians don't give shout-outs to fabled rum runners. On the contrary, we could probably have concocted a rum playlist comprised exclusively of songs rhyming "Bacardi" with "party." But you'll also find performers raising a glass to their favorite IBA Official Cocktails: piña coladas (Rupert Holmes and Steely Dan, the latter imbibers making their second consecutive Summer Cocktail Series appearance), mai-tais (very popular with the exotica/faux-Polynesia crowd), daiquiris (rapper Andre Nickatina claims to run a "Daiquiri Factory") and good old rum and Cokes (the preferred drink of both the Andrews Sisters and New Orleans pianist Professor Longhair). Beenie Man even likes to mix his with Red Bull.

And as you might expect, Caribbean performers are well represented in these odes to distilled sugar cane, from legendary calypso singer Lord Kitchener ("Drink a Rum") to contemporary local favorites Pupa Leendi ("Rum Oh") and Lively ("Ah Drinking Me Rum"). So whether you're sipping it neat or slurping it down via Planter's Punch (or Red Bull), there's a little something for every rum lover on our playlist.

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