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Senior Year

Senior Year, 1978: Outside Studio 54

by Philip Sherburne

Senior Year, 1978: Outside Studio 54

About this playlist

While there probably weren't too many high school seniors that made it past the velvet ropes, in 1978, Studio 54 shone like a beacon to kids dreaming of bright lights in the big city. Just a few years before, disco had been a resolutely underground thing, but by 1978 and Saturday Night Fever, it exploded out of the gay community and into pop consciousness, where it was promptly mobbed with celebrities, wannabes and hangers-on. (For a contemporary equivalent, look to the backstage areas at Coachella, or any tabloid-ready hangout where there's a VIP within the VIP.)

Our Class of '78 may never have rubbed elbows inside with Halton and Bianca Jagger, or feasted their own eyes on Gilbert Lesser's infamous wall sign of a man in the moon sniffing sparkly crystals from a silver spoon. But these songs were the soundtrack to the fantasy. Check out 1978 as it sounded from the inside with our Senior Year, 1978: Outside Studio 54 playlist.