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Friday Mixtape

Strange Games & Things

by Mosi Reeves

Strange Games & Things

About this playlist

This Friday Mixtape doesn't have a specific theme…or maybe it does. I sequenced it in a burst of creativity late one night, making it the fastest mixtape I've assembled to date; unlike past editions on which I fumbled with the tracklisting, this one came out nearly whole, barring one or two minor changes. (Goodbye, Modest Mouse's "3rd Planet"; hello, Electrelane's "Enter Laughing.") And when I played it a final time, I realized there were several sequences that mirrored my life in that way that good songs, or at least the ones we find the most affecting, often do.

The title "Strange Games and Things" is a reference to the song by Barry White's group Love Unlimited Orchestra, which I discovered via BBE's long-running compilation series of the same name, in particular the 2001 edition mixed by DJ Spinna. My finished product is a blend of a lot of stuff, from Earth, Wind & Fire to Death Grips, from The Police to Nite Jewel. And yes, there's a story behind it all. I don't want to give away the mystery, but once you've listened, it should be clear what this strange game is about.