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Stars of Brazil

by Judy Cantor-Navas

Stars of Brazil

About this playlist

Brazil is a big country with big stars, whose fans regularly reach a boiling point at their frequent live shows all over the country. Singer Ivete Sangalo, whose celebratory performances make it feel like it's Carnival all year round, is so popular she qualifies as a national hero. Many Americans may have never heard of Gusttavo Lima, Luan Santana or Gaby Amarantos, but their concert audiences are massive, their YouTube views are in the millions and their record sales keep them ensconced on the Brazilian charts. Michel Teló gave the world a taste of Brazilian music's infectious 21st century sound when his 2008 song "Ai Se Eu Te Pego" went to No. 1 in countries around the world, propelled by its popularity with soccer stars. Like Teló, whose runaway hit was a fusion of sertenejo country music and pop, Brazil's top artists regularly mix regional Brazilian rhythms with an international sound. Listen to this playlist and discover the music of today's Brazilian superstars.

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