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Square-Dance-Tronica Mix

by Chuck Eddy

Square-Dance-Tronica Mix

About this playlist

Before "dance music" was its own kind of music, there was just plain music you danced to. Some of those dances were self-proclaimed square ones full of fiddles and do-si-dos and promenades, and over the years, modern-day dance pop and techno and the like have on occasion let the bumpkin hoedown back in, or vice versa. This has happened most recently in songs like Pitbull and Ke$ha's "Timber" and Miley Cyrus and Nelly's "4 x 4" (prefigured a few years back by her "Hoedown Throwdown"). You can also spot it in open-minded oeuvres of weirdos like Rednex, A3, and Big & Rich, not to mention Malcolm McLaren leading buffalo gals around the outside and Men Without Hats safety-dancing around maypoles. There's also Kon Kan sampling Lynn Anderson's ["Rose Garden,"] Britney Spears sharing banjos with the Ying Yang Twins, and Jerrod Niemann (in his would-be Big & Rich latest country single) riding his donkey donkey to the honky-tonky.

Now and then, actual electronica types -- from country Moogster Gil Trythall of early '70s Switched On Nashville non-fame to mysterious mid-'90s Brit duo The Grid -- have gotten in on the act. They're all on this playlist -- and what the heck, how about we sneak in a few synthesized rockabilly tunes by folks like Alan Vega and Brian Briggs too, because who's gonna stop us? As Pitbull would say, "swing your partner round and round, end of the night it's going down." Because, in the immortal words of Alabama 3, before their Sopranos theme made them rich, "U Don't Dans 2 Tekno Anymore." But just maybe you'll get jiggy with it.

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