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With new releases from both HAIM and Kings of Leon, we here at Napster have sonic siblings on the brains. Brothers and sisters making music together have produced some of pop's most beloved entities, including The Everly Brothers, Bee Gees, The Roches, The Beach Boys, The Allman Brothers Band and The Carpenters. What all these outfits have in common is how each one made their blood ties a central component of their public persona. In other words, you're not listening to a mere collection of professional musicians -- no sir. You're listening to family. It's a persona that has proven especially potent in the marketing of teen-pop acts such as The Jackson 5, The Osmonds and the Jonas Brothers.

Having said that, there also exist all manner of successful bands that have chosen not to stress this aspect of themselves: think Radiohead (Colin and Jonny Greenwood), Arcade Fire (Win and William Butler), Stone Temple Pilots (Robert and Dean DeLeo) and The National (who get bonus points for boasting Aaron and Bryce Dessner and Bryan and Scott Devendorf). For these groups, having siblings among their ranks is really nothing more than happenstance.

Though our playlist is by no means exhaustive (that's an impossibility, quite frankly), it does spotlight a truly wide range of artists (in addition to those mentioned above). Some of them might even surprise you. For instance, Right Said Fred (of "I'm Too Sexy" fame) consists of the audacious Fairbrass brothers. Then there's proto-punk icons The Stooges, who were cofounded by Michigan-bred badasses Ron and Scott Asheton.

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