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Songs for the Planet

by Jim Allen

Songs for the Planet

About this playlist

There have been songs with an environmental slant for as long as humanity has been fouling up the Earth. Back in the '60s, some people still found it possible to write such songs off as the rarefied province of overly earnest troubadours with a penchant for protest. But as ecological issues have increased over the years, songs about the plight of the planet have become much more plentiful, and these days it's pretty much impossible to deny their validity. That's not to say there aren't plenty of iffy environmental tunes out there, which is exactly why you can use a guide like this to lead you to the cream of the crop. This way, whether it's Joni Mitchell watching nature get razed by industry on "Big Yellow Taxi" or Antony & The Johnsons lamenting the state of our sphere on "Another World," you can stay environmentally conscious and satisfy your ears at the same time.

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