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Singular Divas

by Rachel Devitt

Singular Divas

About this playlist

Signs of true, high divadom: 1. The ability to command a room and wrap everyone in it around your expertly manicured pinky just by strutting into it. 2. The ability to balance terrifying fierceness with compelling charisma -- to make people worship you and want to be you and also want to stay out of your way ... all at once. And 3. The ability to be so fabulous, so incomparable, so singular that you don't even need to bother with a surname because, darling, everyone who's anyone knows who you are. From Madonna to Rihanna, Ciara to Prince, the single-name pop stars on this playlist display all those signs of divability -- and then some. But they also have one more little characteristic in common: the ability to channel that sheer divadom into pop songs as fierce and fabulous as they are. Pay attention! You won't want to miss a thing.