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Senior Year

Senior Year, 1993: Girls in the Art Room

by Rachel Devitt

Senior Year, 1993: Girls in the Art Room

About this playlist

The "Girls" in question refer to both the fans and the artists they loved. These are the girls who, depending on your sex (and sexual orientation), you either secretly drooled over or secretly wanted to be (or maybe both). A little (Emily the) strange, a lot artistic (or at least art sy), kind of aloof in an incredibly enticing way. Favorite activities included reading Sassy, doodling neo-feminist comic book characters, slathering on eyeliner, cutting bangs, seeing shows by quirky girl performers who looked a lot like them, and generally being cooler than you. Favorite bands encompassed the full range of indie girldom at the time and it was quite a range in the early '90s, from twee pop to riot grrrl, from breathy hipster ingenues to screaming rockers, from The Breeders to Bjork to Ani DiFranco. Take a trip back to Senior Year 1993 only this time, you can imagine you were way cooler than you actually were.