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Senior Year

Senior Year, 2002: Cheerleader Floor Routine Soundtracks

by Rachel Devitt

Senior Year, 2002: Cheerleader Floor Routine Soundtracks

About this playlist

Ready? OK! Picture it: it's 2002-ish. You're a senior and totally, like, the hottest girl in school. Oh, and you're a cheerleader. Duh! Life is pretty sweet: you get to wear super-short skirts to school, you're dating the point guard, and Bring It On (and the sequel!) just came out, so everyone is, like, totally into cheerleaders right now. (As if they weren't already!) And? Bonus! The pop music of the day is totally awesome for killer floor routines: big, dance-pop beats (perfect for pom ripples!), and sexy (but not too sexy) lyrics performed by hot boys and girls who look like (or at least as good as) cheerleaders. (Britney! Beyonce! JT!) And don't forget the remixes! Imagine each massive pop hit like it was sandwiched into one of those Starburst-filled, basket-toss-friendly, completely obnoxious mega-mixes. Bring. It. On! Whether you were a cheerleader or just dreamed about being (or dating) one or even if you, like, totally loathed the pom-pom zombies you're gonna want to practice your spread-eagle for this one. S-E-N-I-O-R-S! Seniors! Seniors! Are the Best!