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Senior Year

Senior Year, 2000: O Brother, It's Bluegrass

by Linda Ryan

Senior Year, 2000: O Brother, It's Bluegrass

About this playlist

If you were a senior in high school in 2000, chances are you and your friends were rocking out to some bubblegum pop a la 'NSYNC or Britney Spears -- if not Destiny's Child's hot R&B or Matchbox Twenty's grunge pop. Whichever. It goes without saying that you probably weren't rushing out to buy the latest bluegrass album ... until you saw the Coen brothers' O Brother, Where Art Thou?, that is.

Thanks to the movie's popularity, the general public was exposed to a hefty dose of old-time country and bluegrass. Sales of the sleeper-hit soundtrack soared, giving producer T-Bone Burnett a multi-platinum album (not to mention a Grammy or two) for his effort. George Clooney may have been the leading man, but the music upstaged him here.

Which only made it easier for newcomers to find other great bluegrass groups. So while your friends were rocking out to Nickelback, you were rocking Nickel Creek. And when the campus hackey-sackers cranked Dave Matthews Band, you opted for Dan Tyminski. And it's been a rollickin' ride ever since. So for all the graduating seniors from the class of 2000, and to the millions of others who saw and loved O Brother, this playlist -- which includes a few key moments from the soundtrack, then roams far beyond to Rhonda Vincent, Asylum Street Spankers and more -- is for you.

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