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Senior Year, 1995: Reality Bites

by Rachel Devitt

Senior Year, 1995: Reality Bites

About this playlist

Ah, 1995, when the fashion was vintage, the music was grungy, the '70s were fodder for postmodern revival and the angst flowed like so much retro-fabulous Tang. And the movies! Oh, the movies. Hollywood had been making a killing off the the studiously ironic, hipper-than-thou slackers of Generation X -- not to mention their fashions, their lifestyle and, especially, their music. Whether you were a jaded record-store clerk, a Citizen Dick groupie or even a Peter Frampton-loving sellout, you'll find your throwback groove on this collection of songs from the soundtracks to Singles, Empire Records, Reality Bites, Mall Rats and more.

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