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Senior Year

Senior Year, 1983-1984: Electro Kingdom

by Mosi Reeves

Senior Year, 1983-1984: Electro Kingdom

About this playlist

Attention, B-boys and B-girls: It is time to enter the Electro Kingdom. Bring your linoleum mats, Jheri curls, Cazals, shelltoe Adidas, a rockin' boombox radio and at least one glove to the Erotic City. Prepare to undergo techno-rap surgery with the World Class Wreckin' Cru, The Kangol Kid, Lisa Lisa, Debbie Deb and the World Famous Supreme Team as you look for the perfect beat. Get fresh, fly, wild and bold! Can you feel it? To all the freaks and P.Y.T.s (Pretty Young Things), let the music play and jam on it! Getti-getti-get on down and rock the house!

(Warning: These are the extended versions of radioactive jams from the electro era. Every hit brings at least five minutes of funk, and there ain't no junk. So rock it as we fix it in the mix. The party has begun. Clear? Clear.)

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