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Senior Year

Senior Year, 1973: Teenybopper Idols

by Rachel Devitt

Senior Year, 1973: Teenybopper Idols

About this playlist

Start practicing your squeals and doodling hearts with your name + your favorite early '70s idol inside them. Because they're all here. All those heartthrobs and hunks, cuties and crooners whose mugs papered the walls and locker doors of preteens across America (and the world) 'round about 1972-'74. David Cassidy. Bobby Sherman. The Jackson 5. Donny Osmond. The Brady Bunch. These are the wholesome (but not too wholesome), all-American singers (and sometimes actors) who graced radios, record players and TVs across the country with fresh-faced, lightly rock 'n' roll bubblegum pop that spoke to the hearts of adolescent desires. Start listening -- and squealing -- now.

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