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Scott Stapp's all too public battle with sin and salvation would certainly make Jerry Lee Lewis smirk with admiration. The singer's career has been a genuine roller coaster ride, one that has included everything from infamous green-room parties with Kid Rock and alleged pill popping to a pair of marriages (the second to Miss New York USA 2004) and a shaved head to announce his newfound sobriety. Along the way, he's also managed to go platinum many times over. As frontman for post-grunge/Christian rock pioneers Creed, he has sold in excess of 23 million records since the late '90s.

Stapp's solo career, in contrast, has been significantly more low-key. After Creed's initial dissolution in 2004, the vocalist scored a sizeable hit with "Relearn Love" from The Passion of the Christ: Songs, a compilation inspired by the Mel Gibson film. He quickly followed with his solo debut, 2005's The Great Divide, which did go platinum. However, he then took eight long years to produce his sophomore effort, the newly released Proof of Life. Arriving a year after his tell-all memoir Sinner's Creed, the full-length finds Stapp meditating on his reinvestment in the Christian faith and how it has restored his spiritual health.

In addition to key solo cuts, our Scott Stapp's Universe playlist includes many of the singer's hits with Creed, as well as a handful of tunes from Alter Bridge, the outfit featuring former Creed members Mark Tremonti (who cowrote most of the band's hits), Brian Marshall and drummer Scott Phillips.

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