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Rock Roundup, October 2011

Rock Roundup, October 2011


This, the October installment of our Rock Roundup series, is packed with so much music it's really quite obnoxious. But how does one not err on the side of unchecked inclusivity when Pink Floyd, Aerosmith, Nirvana, Lindsey Buckingham, Wilco, Jimi Hendrix, The Grateful Dead and Pearl Jam all release what amounts to a tidal wave of new joints, anthologies, remastered classics, archival releases and albums never before available on Napster?

Ranking my Top 10 was damn near impossible, particularly when it came time to determine the highly coveted No. 1 slot. I feel kind of cheesy not giving it to Wilco's The Whole Love or even Buckingham's Seeds We Sow, both of which contain music that's new and, most importantly, excellent. But alas, classic rock demanded my undying allegiance, and thus I went with the expanded edition of The Dark Side of the Moon. It's an overplayed album, yes, but the live material on disc 2 is absolutely mind-blowing. In studio this music was ethereal and trippy, but onstage it possessed a cosmic crunch that was at times sublime, and at other times terrifying.