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Remember all those years ago when that androgynous, alien-vampire Marilyn Manson was being hailed (derided?) as the second coming of the great Alice Cooper? Well, the Antichrist Superstar certainly was (for a spell, anyway) a high priest of shock rock -- no doubt about it. But looking back, it now seems patently absurd that anybody but mighty Rob Zombie could ever be considered the one, true inheritor of Alice's throne. From his old band White Zombie's unlikely rise out of the Big Apple's late-'80s scum/trash/scuzz gutter (1992's La Sexorcisto: Devil Music, Vol. 1 really is one of the greatest underground-to-mainstream leaps ever attempted) to Rob's even unlikelier transformation into a solo act and a big-time Hollywood director, the insanely productive freaker is a maggot-infested corpse-testament to all things HORROR. (Plus, he has impeccable taste in obscuro Italian pulp flicks!) Be fully prepared as Napster sucks you into his twisted-a** nightmare with a playlist that charts his career's evolution in all its gory detail.

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