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Label Spotlight

Roadrunner Records' Best Live Tracks

by Linda Ryan

Roadrunner Records' Best Live Tracks

About this playlist

Over the course of more than three decades, Roadrunner Records has released albums by many of the most important bands in metal, to which the live release is a long-established tradition. So when rock legends Rush put out their newest live album, the triple CD Clockwork Angels Tour, we decided to pay tribute to the label's history of live recordings by pulling tracks from 10 of the best.

Included in this playlist are selections from Sepultura's Under a Pale Grey Sky, which preserves frontman Max Cavalera's last gig with the band he founded; Opeth's career-spanning In Live Concert at the Royal Albert Hall, where they played a song from each of their albums, in order; Dream Theater's massive Chaos in Motion 2007/2008, a CD/DVD set with more than three hours of live music; Slipknot's 9.0 Live, which captures their explosive show as well as anything short of being there could; Machine Head's Machine F*cking Head Live, which shines a light on their rabid fans, who are almost as loud as the band at times; Deicide's When Satan Lives, a document of one of death metal's pioneering acts at an early peak; The Devil Wears Prada's Dead&Alive, on which one of metalcore's most vital bands erupts into the mainstream; DragonForce's Twilight Dementia, a set that proved these shredtastic power metallers weren't just a studio gimmick; and Type O Negative's Origin of the Feces, which … well, it wasn't actually a live album at all. They faked the whole thing. So hit play, and let the excitement of a live audience put you front and center at some of metal's greatest live moments.