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Napster TV Highlights 2012

by Napster TV

Napster TV Highlights 2012 Napster TV Highlights 2012

About this video

It's been an exhausting, exhilarating year here at Napster TV -- we produced around 200 exclusive videos, ranging from intimate acoustic performances (Best Coast! Miguel!) to incisive interviews (Big Boi! Passion Pit!) to our new Go Shoot Yourself project, where we turned over the camera to the artists themselves and let 'em film whatever they wanted. (Lots of great, bleary-eyed SXSW footage, as you can see.) Plus more installments of the franchises you know and love, from the "describe your favorite album in exactly 45 seconds" challenge of On the Record (Norah Jones is adorable even when frustrated) to the "answer weird fan questions on camera" randomness of The Box (a slightly inebriated Blake Shelton may just be our Man of the Year). Here's an attempt to summarize all of it, with a few classic moments (Adele! Jay-Z! Lady Gaga!) thrown in. Thanks for watching, and see you in 2013.