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Napster Radar: Robert DeLong

by Dan Weiss

Napster Radar: Robert DeLong

About This Album

What's interesting about 27-year-old dance-popper Robert DeLong is that he identifies as an electronic artist first -- not an alternative one. The crucial distinction of the synth-pop he makes in his bedroom is that he writes it for an audience; you're not going to see, say, Dntel or Owl City pause to ask "Did I make you f***ing dance?" He released his debut full-length, Just Movement, in February, and it's quickly snowballing into quite a sensation thanks to dorky-voiced club anthems like "Change (How You Feel)". It's festooned with all the broken music-box adornments of a Gold Panda or Four Tet album and neatly splits the line between the current alt radio boom of electro-pop and the enduring popularity of festival-oriented EDM. A song like ["Just Movement"] shores up his alternative cred with glitchy dissonance in place of grunge chords, while the hiccuppy "Here" seems all but groomed for a car commercial. DeLong seems more than content for now to be pulled in any direction his beat takes him.

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