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Napster Radar: Krewella

by Nick Murray

Napster Radar: Krewella

About this playlist

What if EDM were more metal than metal and more punk than punk? What if dubstep weren't just for lonely DJs but also three-piece bands? What if Icona Pop loved it ... even more? These are the questions that Krewella seem to propose on Get Wet, the debut long-player that followed aptly named EPs Play Hard and Play Harder. It's a 12-track thrill ride that refuses to give you even a moment to catch your breath. If your party -- or even your entire worldly existence -- is suffering from a case of malaise, let lead single "Alive" and similarly themed deep cuts like "Live for the Night," "Enjoy the Ride," "Killin' It" and "Ring of Fire" provide it with a boost of energy -- their carpe diem lyrics are matched only by their frenetic, propulsive beats.

A group of Chicago early-20-somethings (Kris Trindl produces while sisters Jahan and Yasmine Yousaf write and sing), Krewella push Skrillex and Kill the Noise-inspired dubstep in a direction almost resembling pop. While their big hooks and soft vocals don't quite make them radio-ready, they do help the group stand out among the crowded lineups of multi-stage, multi-day EDM festivals.

To get a better idea of Krewella, check out the group's handmade playlist, their GET WET mix: "This entire playlist is about getting wet in the sexiest way possible. Yes, this is a sexy time playlist from yours truly over here at Krewella. We gathered some of our favorite new and old tracks to get the mood set just right. There are some slow jams in here right along with some quicker paced tracks to fit your current activities -- wink wink. Please enjoy ... and STAY WET."

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