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Napster Radar: HAIM

by Dan Weiss

Napster Radar: HAIM

About This Album

The indie labyrinth is a confusing one. Sounding like Wilson Phillips (or more accurately, The Roches) as produced by M83 may sound like commercial suicide as a straight pop bid. But boiling underneath the pop radar as an indie phenom, HAIM have quickly climbed from festival to higher-profile festival to one of the biggest new acts around. This exceptional pop trio is only "indie" by association. They're beloved by critics, who can't wait to pile on the plaudits for their exceptional debut album, Days Are Gone, but they're on a major label and they recently covered Miley Cyrus' too-big-to-fail hit ballad ["Wrecking Ball"] for England's Radio 1. Their sonics are too un-sappy to make them retro; songs like the driving "Don't Save Me," the sweet "Honey & I" and the astoundingly funky "If I Could Change Your Mind" are as sharp-tongued as anything from any current punk or hip-hop act, if not more. This is the future, same as the past, without the rookie mistakes and twice the hookcraft.

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