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Revolutionary Summer Anthems

by Mosi Reeves

Revolutionary Summer Anthems

About this playlist

The warm summer months bring not only May flowers and June love swoons, but also community organizing and activism. No wonder Occupy Wall Street launched during the waning summer weeks of September 2011, and faltered when winter arrived: Good weather gives us energy for changing the world we live in. In that spirit, this playlist focuses on the idealism that fuels such protests, from the righteous anger of Public Enemy's "Fight the Power" to Gossip's defiant pro-gay rights classic "Standing in the Way of Control." It ranges from old-school rabble-rousers by Bob Dylan and John Lennon to newer, Occupy-approved sing-alongs by Lupe Fiasco and Tom Morello. The music is all over the place, and that's in keeping with a good, effective street protest where everyone with an open mind and a hunger for political change is invited to the party.

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