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Restless Soul: David Gilmour

Restless Soul: David Gilmour

About this playlist

Napster has officially declared it Classic Rock-tober! That means it's time to crank things up to 11, as we travel back in time to salute the finest in classic rock. Stay tuned each day of October for a new reason to rock out.

David Gilmour has to be one of the more low-key stars rock has produced. Despite co-leading one of the most famous bands of the 20th century, the Pink Floyd singer and guitarist has always come off as a rather private man, even a wee bit withdrawn. Not unlike his thin and fragile voice, so sublime in how it teeters on the verge of disintegration, it's almost as if Gilmour would gladly trade rock stardom's omnipresent spotlight for a chance to dissolve into an ocean wind and simply drift away.

Because of this low-key nature, Gilmour has never been the kind of guy to call attention to his career outside Pink Floyd. But as our Restless Soul playlist proves, he has been a prolific and successful solo artist, producer and guitar for hire since the early '70s. In addition to his duties in Floyd, he has guested on albums from Paul McCartney, Elton John and Bryan Ferry and served as producer for the likes of Kate Bush, The Dream Academy and, of course, his old friend and founder of Pink Floyd, the late Syd Barrett. Gilmour also has played the unofficial role of band mentor, something he did in the mid-'70s when he took English country rock act Unicorn under his wing. Putting both his excellent production skills and interest in pedal steel guitar to good use, he and Unicorn released a clutch of top-notch albums, including 1974's near-perfect Blue Pine Trees. If you're interested in exploring a well-rounded overview of David Gilmour's legendary career, including some Floyd classics, then best not sleep on this playlist, people.

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