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Artist Spotlight

Recent Chick Corea Jams

by Seth Colter Walls

Recent Chick Corea Jams

About this playlist

While most of Chick Corea's recent projects have seen him sticking to either an acoustic or an electric context, on his latest album, The Vigil, he moves back and forth between the two. Our appended playlist mixes the best of Chick's recent works, no matter the instrumentation. That means funky, prog-rock-ish cuts from Return to Forever's 2012 live album, The Mothership Returns. And we also have the classic jazz trio sound of the Bill Evans tribute album Further Explorations (recorded with Eddie Gomez and Paul Motian). Corea seems to be in a Monk mood of late as well, recording "Little Rootie Tootie" and "Light Blue" on different dates. Put it together with the opening track from a recent Corea jazz-meets-classical outing ("1. Africa"), and you've got a handy summary of the pianist in all of his contemporary trappings.

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