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Real Stars, Fake Accents

by Rachel Devitt

Real Stars, Fake Accents

About this playlist

Authenticity is for the birds. Any pop star worth his wig collection or her fake eyelashes knows pop stardom is all about the performance, the persona and the spectacle of it all. And sometimes the performance requires, or perhaps inspires, an accent worthy of the persona -- even if that accent isn't exactly "theirs." Think Her Madgesty's British accent phase a few years back or Brit-Brit's stab at it in will.i.am's "Scream & Shout." Or think, you know, of pretty much any U.K. pop star: Post-Beatles Brits can hardly open their mouths to sing without adopting an American accent. Sure, a fake accent can be a little … pretentious (hi, Madonna), but it can also just be a lot of ridiculous, spectacular fun. Enjoy these and more on our playlist of tongue-twisters.

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