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Radio: Urban Latin

Radio: Urban Latin

by Rachel Devitt  |  January 26, 2012

Radio: Urban Latin

Both on this station and in the real world, Urban Latin means many things. There's Latin hip-hop and Spanish-language R&B, of course, as well as reggaeton, which (led by Daddy Yankee's crossover flame) lit the spark on the whole Urban Latin movement. But recently, the scene has also branched out to include styles like cumbia funk, club scenes like tribal guarachero and moombahton , and especially next-big-thing genres like bachata, which has produced some of the most significant Urban Latin albums and stars in the last couple years. In other words, within these "walls," you'll find everyone from Calle 13 to 3BallMTY, Romeo Santos to Shakira, Ivy Queen to Toby Love.

Beyond the genre breakdown, however, Urban Latin refers to the music that's buzzing and trending among Latino audiences in the Americas. And that means this station also hosts regular performances by the day's hottest English-language pop, R&B and hip-hop artists: Rihanna, LMFAO, Kanye, Bruno Mars, David Guetta y más.

But finally -- and here's where you really need to pay attention -- Urban Latin is the sound of your future. Forget crossover: this music is rising fast and gaining new ground every minute, able to leap limited genre boundaries in a single bound and take Spanish-language music higher up the charts than it's gone since "La Bamba." Start listening.