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Radio: Dance Crossover Hits

Radio: Dance Crossover Hits

by Philip Sherburne  |  February 2, 2012

Radio: Dance Crossover Hits

I remember my first experiments in clubbing, back in the early '90s, in New York. I wasn't the trainspotter I am now; I didn't know my house from my techno. It was enough to get past the velvet rope, surround myself with a crowd that was a hell of a lot more glamorous than my Oregonian ass, and soak up the atmosphere while cocooned in a basso throb. At one of my group's regular joints, housed-up hip-hop and R&B were standard; at another, anthemic house, techno and rave classics ruled the roost.

Napster's Dance Crossover Hits station starts from those two reference points and brings them up to speed with the anything-goes pop amalgam that comprises contemporary club culture. House music's four-to-the-floor chug and disco's jubilant oonce oonce provide the foundation for hooks from pop and hip-hop's biggest hits, plus all the spine-tingling whoosh of this decade's big-tent dance productions.

You'll hear everything from Deee-Lite to Diddy, Ace of Base to Yolanda Be Cool. Keep your indie cred via Hot Chip and Ewan Pearson, unleash your inner diva with J-Lo and Wynter Gordon, and flash back to the '90s with tracks from Moby and Paul van Dyk. Also, to remind you what time it is right now, there's plenty of Guetta and Gaga to go around.