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Quirky Brit Bonanza

by Jim Allen

Quirky Brit Bonanza


About this playlist

There's a particular brand of quirkiness and cracked whimsy that's uniquely British. It can be seen in the works of 19th-century writers like Edward Lear and Lewis Carroll, whose off-kilter perspectives on the world eventually seeped through to the musical counterculture of the 1960s. This same mood is an aesthetic thread that has since been used in everything from surrealism to Dadaism, and it likewise runs through the acid-drenched visions of psychedelic pioneers such as Syd Barrett and absurdist avatars the Bonzo Dog Band. You can find it as well in mavericks of the post-punk era, like Robyn Hitchcock and The Monochrome Set. It’s even present in the styles of more contemporary quirkmeisters like The Duckworth-Lewis Method and Patrick & Eugene. So click play for a loopy load of wondrous weirdos, all of whom are ready to introduce an essential oddness to your ears.

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