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Senior Year

Senior Year, 1995: DJ'ing Your Cousin's Quinceañara

by Rachel Devitt

Senior Year, 1995: DJ'ing Your Cousin's Quinceañara

About this playlist

It's 1995. Your kid cousin just turned 15. And now your whole family and your neighborhood, and your church, and, well, pretty much everyone you know is getting together for a fiesta of fabulous proportions. So what's going on the stereo? Well, you've got to have a few conjuntos for the old folks. Plenty of norteño hits and red-hot Latin pop. Some ballads for slow dances. And, por supuesto, a LOT of Selena. The young Tejana singer was already dominating Latin music (not to mention on her way to really crossing over big time) when she was tragically murdered on March 31, 1995. Her death was an immense loss to the musical world, as evidenced by the sheer magnitude of her presence on the Latin charts for the rest of the year. That might sound like kind of a dour scene in which to stage a party, but so much of Selena's music was filled with joy and celebration, and of course, the show must go on. Just as Latin artists worked to adapt and fill the gap Selena left, so, too, does our quinceañara soundtrack flesh out the musical world she left behind, featuring such celebrated artists as Elsa Garcia, Mazz, Ana Barbara and more.