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Putting the "New" in Newgrass

by Jim Allen

Putting the "New" in Newgrass

About this playlist

It can be tough to keep track of all the latest updates and innovations in the newgrass universe. When you're dealing with a genre where breaking the rules and pushing the envelope is part of the plan from the outset, there's no telling which direction things might go at any given moment. So here's a handy cheat sheet that lets you sneak a peek at an ample armload of releases from the last few months or so by the most intriguing newgrass (and newgrass-related) artists around. Lend an ear to everything from Punch Brothers main man Chris Thile tossing a mandolin at a Bach sonata to Hayseed Dixie giving Guns N' Roses a high-lonesome overhaul, and try to think of another musical realm that offers a comparable aesthetic expanse.

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