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Punks Who Went Soft

by Dan Weiss

Punks Who Went Soft

About this playlist

The thing about making noise is that when you love to do it, you start to love making different kinds of noises, at different speeds and volumes, and it's entirely possible you'll find a new groove and never return from it. And if you started out as a punk, you run the risk of people concluding you've gone soft. Which isn't fair, but hey, when have punks ever been fair? Here's a bunch of before-and-afters from acts you may not remember began as rabble-rousers (Hot Hot Heat, Goo Goo Dolls, Sugar Ray) and some newbies who are only starting to discover life after noise (a Screaming Females ballad with strings! A male-female Place to Bury Strangers duet!). Fugazi vs. Minor Threat battles are forever.

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