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Punk Love Songs

by Napster

Punk Love Songs


About this playlist

If you think there's no room for love in punk, you're kidding yourself. The best punk songs are simple, and so are the best love songs. So, in come The Vibrators, putting it so perfectly: "Baby baby baby/ Won't you be my girl"; and The Descendents, who essentially invented emo with songs like "I'm the One." Then there are The Briefs ("Stuck on You") and Slick Shoes ("Angel"), who speed in and out of their headlong valentines the same way they do their tantrums. Meanwhile, NOFX's "We Got Two Jealous Agains" details the bliss of combining record collections with your mate and discovering you have two of everything, while Sleater-Kinney's classic "I Wanna Be Your Joey Ramone" suggests becoming the record collection itself. Even angry snots like The Replacements made room for "Favorite Thing," and arch stiffs like Wire created "Feeling Called Love." Lastly, Be Your Own Pet's self-explanatory "Zombie Graveyard Party" shrieks a pickup line like no other: "Life is lame so let me eat your brain."

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