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Punk Guitar Solos

by Evan Lucy

Punk Guitar Solos

About this playlist

Sure, part of punk rock's early appeal was its disregard for polished musicianship in favor of rough-edged, speedy tempos, but that doesn't mean the genre's players were slouches. And even though double-time drums (fondly referred to as the forbidden beat) are one of the hallmarks of the sound, guitar solos are more prevalent than you might think in punk.

Early punk pioneers like Sex Pistols and The Clash worked these displays of musical mastery into their songs, and it's a trend that has continued in today's crop of bands; some, like new-era punk group Bayside, are fortunate enough to boast a bona fide shredder, while other groups (such as Anti-Flag) use caution when unleashing this secret weapon, like a pinch-hitter coming off the bench in a tight ballgame. Either way, enjoy this collection of punk rock solos -- synchronized air guitar routine optional.

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