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"Proto"-Metal for Early '70s Stoners

by Chuck Eddy

"Proto"-Metal for Early '70s Stoners

About this playlist

Metalheads call it "proto"-metal now, but back in the early '70s, the blooze-based pachyderm stampedes on this playlist were just plain heavy metal, period. In fact, Brooklyn threesome Sir Lord Baltimore might be the first band ever described as such, in a review in Creem magazine. Both S.L.B. and fellow speed-freaking Brooklyn trio Dust are awarded three songs here, as are ferociously funky Brits Atomic Rooster; Philly's equally hefty Bang get two. Everybody else -- from famous folks Blue Öyster Cult and Deep Purple to footnotes Hard Stuff and Lucifer's Friend -- gets one. Everything after 1973 was too wimpy to include.

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