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Preternatural Pop Stars

by Rachel Devitt

Preternatural Pop Stars

About this playlist

Pop music has always been the stuff of youth. But every so often a pop star comes along who embodies that youthfulness quite literally. We're not talking about kiddie pop stars for the kids (though there are a few tween screams of past and present on this list). We're talking about legit, grownup-friendly pop stars making solid pop music -- before they can legally drink. Or vote. Or drive. The most recent case in point is Lorde, the 16-year-old New Zealand sensation with a contemplative, complex indie-pop debut that doesn't sound like anything we could have done (or felt, or been) at 16. But she's not alone: We've assembled a very youthful playlist of pop stars who won our (young-at-) hearts before they were legal, from Ricky Nelson to Michael Jackson to Justin Bieber.

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