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Positive Rapcore

by Dan Weiss

Positive Rapcore

About this playlist

The less aggressive rap rock acts tend to get less attention. But bands like 311 and Incubus have sustained long, fruitful careers with strong sales and a huge fan base, while diverging from the rap rock party line of misogyny and angst. Philadelphia staples G. Love and Special Sauce have even swung in the complete opposite direction, being early discoverers of beachy environmentalist Jack Johnson, who got his first break because they covered his song "Rodeo Clowns." Former House of Pain leader Everlast had a commercial rebirth strumming an acoustic guitar, and Sugar Ray and Crazy Town made their mint off the good-vibe stuff rather than their more overarching nu-metal tunes. Even big hitters like Kid Rock ("Cowboy") and Linkin Park ("In the End") have had moments of striving toward communal empathy rather than anarchic destruction. And some one-hit wonders have unfairly been scrubbed from the canon due to rap rock's decided uncoolness: Everything's "Hooch" (trust me, you'll remember it) deserved to soundtrack more than one summer.

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