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Pop Stars Sing the Standards

by Rachel Devitt

Pop Stars Sing the Standards

About this playlist

There comes a stage in every pop star's career where he or she has a choice to make: Do I just kind of try to make a go of this getting older thing, or do I attempt a Madonna? And let's be real: There's only one Madonna, and not everyone has her bone structure (or deal with the devil). A good, solid route for Option A is to put out an album of standards. Who doesn't love to hear their favorite childhood (or teenage or young adult) pop star tackle the classics -- especially when they really do it well? So why not invite over your best friend, your mom and your grandma, pour yourselves a nice, adult glass of wine and toss on this mix of Cyndi Lauper crooning "La Vie En Rose," Rod Stewart doing The American Songbook, Natalie Cole duetting with dad, and Gloria Estefan, who just released her own album of pop standards this week.

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