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Pop Goes Disco

by Rachel Devitt

Pop Goes Disco

About this playlist

Have you recently experienced an undying urge to purchase a pair of skin-tight flared white jeans and maybe some platform shoes? Do you find yourself suddenly doing the hustle without even realizing you started it? Do you stare longingly at vintage photos of Studio 54, yearning for a pair of roller skates, some hot pants and a little coke? Don't worry: It's not a tumor. It's just a case of the disco fever, baby, and you most likely caught it from today's pop music. In case you haven't noticed, everyone from Bruno Mars to Robin Thicke to Pharrell Williams has been partying like it's 1978 lately, peppering their contemporary pop hits with rolling dance grooves, synthy strings and hi-hats and retro beats as dazzlingly glittery as a mirror ball. Well, strap on your boogie shoes, because when you hear this playlist, you'll feel like dancin', yeah.

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