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Pink Martini's Happy Hour

by Linda Ryan

Pink Martini's Happy Hour

About this playlist

Inspiration can strike in the unlikeliest of places, as Pink Martini’s founder Thomas Lauderdale well knows. Forming the cocktail lounge outfit after realizing the political events he was attending didn't play music that could “reach across the aisle,” he decided to take matters into his own hands.

In keeping with the Pink Martini's good-time attitude, Lauderdale made this party playlist. But these cats didn't just settle on a mere playlist to kick your party into gear. No, that would be too easy. So here’s vocalist/percussionist Timothy Nishimoto’s recipe for a drink he calls “The Get Happy” that will really kick the good times into gear. Nishimoto, it should be noted is also a certified sommelier, restaurateur and mixologist who has a blog called TourEatDrink where he chronicles his foodie adventures on the road with the band. Trust us, this guy knows his stuff!

Hit play and happy mixing!

The Get Happy

1.5 oz Uncle Val's Botanical Gin

1/4 oz St. Germain (elderflower liqueur)

1/2 Sparkling water and 1/2 tonic water

Lemon twist

In a tall glass, stir first 2 ingredients with ice, add sparkling water and tonic water (to taste), stir very lightly, twist lemon rind over the glass, and drop in the drink.

*This gin is made with juniper, cucumber, lemon, sage and lavender, which makes it ridiculously refreshing.

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