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Overlooked Alt Rock Follow-Up Singles

by Dan Weiss

Overlooked Alt Rock Follow-Up Singles

About this playlist

Don't you hate it when your favorite song on the album doesn't get released as a single? Or, even worse, when it's only trotted out toward the end of a hit streak and makes no impact whatsoever? None of this stuff may matter, except to us alt nerds. Still, it’s completely nuts that No Doubt's ebullient "Sunday Morning" had one of their least distinctive radio showings, or that Eve 6's danceable, dark-humored "On the Roof Again" stiffed in the wake of "Here's To the Night" (maybe the "heinous highness broke her hymen" chant killed that one, though).

Just as sad is the fact that Local H's "All the Kids Are Right" didn’t make them megastars, just because they had the bad luck to get caught between the Polygram/Universal merger gears in 1998. Cake's spidery, funky "Never There" deserved to be a peak, not a valley, between "The Distance" and "Short Skirt/Long Jacket." And it's hard to believe We Are Scientists and Phantom Planet had songs bigger than "After Hours" and "Do the Panic," respectively. So it goes! But this playlist of modern-day Nuggets is a reminder to always check between the cracks.

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